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Major Station – Chandpur
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Major Station – Chandpur

Chandpur is famous for Hilsa, the national fish of Bangladesh. Chandpur is therefore called the 'home of Hilsa'. Chandpur city has many other famous places but one ideal place to watch the sunset is Boro Station which is the meeting point of Padma-Meghna-Dakati. Which is also known as molehead. Here, the rivers can be easily identified by the color of the water from a distance. The orange sun is slowly setting, the sky is slightly dark, small boats are floating in the distance, the melodious sound of the stream is reaching your ears, the chirping of the birds returning home is all around, this scene is like a heavenly scene. 

If you want, you can go around by trawler, speedboat or dinghy boat from several chars 1/1.5/2 km away. You will see the vastness of the estuaries of three rivers (Padma, Meghna, Dakatiya). 

The fish market is a short walk from the big station. Hilsa fish is processed here and fishermen bring it here after catching hilsa in the river. Machghat is just opposite to the old railway station. It is basically a wholesale market of hilsa. Hilsa and hilsa all over the market. Fish are coming in from the trawlers. They are arranged on the floor with ice, then the 'dak'. Dak means that the wholesalers buy the fish in the auction and put the fish in big cocksheet boxes with ice cubes. Then sent through small or big traders all over the country, even abroad. 

The price of hilsa depends on its weight and how many you buy. The sellers asked the price from 600 to 2200 taka per kg. Weight from 600g to 1kg 850g. If you want to shop here in the crowd of thousands of hilsa, you have to do it well. 

And yes, if you go to Chandpur, don't forget to eat "One Minute" instant ice cream at Kalibari intersection (10 taka auto rental from Launchghat). The taste of a cup of ice cream worth 40 rupees will remain in the mouth for a long time. Besides, the hot hot rasgolla and curd taste of this shop is also amazing. 

How to go:

Launches leave Sadarghat every hour from 7 am for Chandpur. Deck rent is Tk 100 per person. Business class chair 250 to 300 taka. Cabin rent 450 to 600 taka. 

If you leave for the morning launch, you can reach Chandpur launch ghat in 3 to 3 and a half hours. From the ghat you can rent a rickshaw for 30 to 40 taka to the big station at the mouth of three rivers known as the meeting place of Padma, Meghna and Dakatiya. 

Besides, one can go to Chandpur by bus from Sayedabad and from Kamalapur by train to Laksam from there to Chandpur. But the fun of going to the launch is different. You can have lunch there with fresh hilsa from Meghna for 100 to 150 taka. After visiting for a while, you can return to Dhaka by 5 pm launch by 9 pm.


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