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Rupsa Zamindar House - Chandpur
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Rupsa Zamindar House - Chandpur

Different upazilas of Chandpur district are hidden in memory-filled sightseeing places. Many people do not know its history. Many of those who knew are no longer in this world. Similarly, there is a memorable sightseeing place in North Rupsa Union of Faridganj Upazila. It has stood as a witness of time in Rupsa Bazar for almost two and a half hundred years. And that is Zamindar Bari (Rupsha Zamindar Bari). Rupsa zamindars were different from the zamindars of different districts of the country. We heard that the elders who used to do zamindari were of terrible nature. Tyrants and torturers. In that respect Rupsa zamindars were very different. They were philanthropic. They would always rush to people's dangers as self-sacrificing. The zamindars of Rupsa were religious. 

If you look at the west-south side of this market, you will see the beautiful entrance of the very old traditional zamindar house. Rupsa Zamindar Bari is written above this entrance. A few steps from the entrance, on the right hand side, there is a mosque decorated with the old craftsmanship of the landlords. Just looking at the mosque, it is as if the eyes are closed. On the opposite side of the mosque i.e. on the south side are the graves of the descendants of the zamindars. And the graves have plaques. The plaques describe the achievements of late landlords. There are several small and big monasteries inside the zamindar house. And it seems that it was once a Hindu zamindar. 

About 25 years ago Khajuria area of Rupsar was known as Singhergaon. A Hindu family called Baish Singh Parivar lived there. When the zamindari of that Singh family came to an end, Ahmad Raja Chowdhury started zamindari in Rupsa zamindar's house. 

And through him the zamindari started in Rupsa. Then this zamindari responsibility fell on Mohammad Gazi Chowdhury. Mohammad Gazi Chowdhury was a charitable person. Mohammad Gazi Chowdhury helped the needy people of the area in various ways during his zamindari in Rupsa. After his death, his son Ahmed Gazi Chowdhury took over the zamindari of Rupsa. During the zamindari period of Ahmed Gazi Chowdhury, the scope of the zamindari kaida law expanded. Ahmed Gazi Chowdhury established himself as a social worker through his own merits and work. Kindness and benevolence were his characteristics. He even donated land for public welfare work. He established the ancient mosque of Rupsa. which is still standing next to the entrance gate of the zamindar house. Not only that, Rupsa Ahmadiyya High School, Ahmadiyya Senior Madrasah, Lautli Dighi are notable.

A hundred-year-old man smokes cigarettes in front of the main entrance to the zamindar's house. Everyone calls him Patwari. He said that Rashid Chowdhury was always called Rasu Chowdhury by the local people. During Rasu Chowdhury's zamindari period, outsiders could not enter Rupsa Bazar without a token. The then President of Pakistan, Ayub Khan, seized the properties of the zamindars in various districts of the country. But the zamindar of Rupsa could not occupy the property of Rashid Chowdhury. Ayub Khan came here. Rashid Chowdhury had a meeting with him then Rashid Chowdhury said to him, what do you want from me. zamindari property or anything else. Ayub Khan could not answer any words. Failed and returned from Rupsa. During the zamindari period of Rashid Chowdhury, the people of this area were allotted cropland for movement. Then the villagers used to travel on that way. Rashid Chowdhury was elected a member of the Bengal Legislative Council. His generosity and kindness are still remembered by the locals with respect. Every year during Eid-ul-Azha he used to slaughter 30/40 cows and distribute them among the local people. Villagers and subjects never had to fall under the wrath of Zamindar Rashid Chowdhury. Rashid Chowdhury has built mosques for the worshipers in every bazaar in Rupsa area. Not only that, he donated land as a contribution for the Lakshmi Narayan Jiur Akhra Temple in Faridganj Upazila Sadar. The philanthropic contribution of the zamindars of this zamindar house in Chowdhury Jame Masjid and Chowdhury Ghat of Chandpur city.

Rupsa North Union Land Assistant Officer Md Jamal Uddin Khan said that Rupsa Zamindar's house is on about 8 acres of property. How much property they have is not counted. At present, more than half a hundred pike payadars of the zamindars are living in the zamindar houses. There are still several monasteries inside the house.


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