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Tohakhana – Chapainawabganj
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Tohakhana – Chapainawabganj

About 35 km from Chapainawabganj. The traditional Tohakhana Complex or Tohakhana is located in Shahabajpur Union of Shibganj Upazila, located far away. Tohakhana is a three storied royal palace. Tohkhana is a Persian word, literally meaning cold building or palace. Located on the western bank of a large pond in the Ferozepur area of Gaur-Lucknow, the building structure is traditionally known as the Tohakhana. 

This building was built by Sultan Shah Shuja as a temperature control building in Ferozepur for his Murshid Syed Neymatullah for winter buses. From time to time Shah Suja also came and lived here. It is known from various historical books that Shah Suja, the son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, was the Subadar of Bengal between 1639-1658 AD and 1639-1660 AD. 

Legend has it that when Shah Shuja used to come to Ferozepur to meet Morshed Shah Niamatullah, he used to stay in the spacious room in the middle of the building. Many more unnamed tombs can be seen inside the Tohakhana complex. whose name is not yet known. However, they are believed to be Khadem or companions of Hazrat Shah Syed Niamatullah. 

This class of edifices is the only one observed among the ancient kirtis of Gauda. The khoya was cast on the karikath with the roof and kotha being fixed. Near the mentioned mosque and tahkhana is situated on the banks of lake Dafeul Balah. From these two buildings two stairs extend to the bottom of the lake. There are two other structures to the north-west of the building, the nearest is a three-domed mosque and a little further north is a domed mausoleum with a vaulted porch. 

Since the buildings were built for a specific purpose at the same time, all the buildings together are considered as a single unit or a complex. This building is mainly made of brick. However, black stone has been used for the door frames and wooden beams for the flat roof. From the west the building appears to be single storey, but from the east it reveals a two storey structure, with ground floor rooms extending to the east and archways rising directly from the reservoir. On the south side of the building is a bathhouse where water was supplied from a cistern through an octagonal cistern. A small family mosque is located on the north side, behind which is an open room connected to an octagonal tower room. This tower room was probably used for meditation. The octagonal tower balances all the complexities. The palace is plastered and carved. These decoration styles are from the Mughal period. 

How to go

The most important means of communication from Dhaka is by road. It takes seven to eight hours. There is a direct bus from Dhaka to Shivganj. Hanif, Shyamoli, National Travels, Desh Paribahan buses run. The rent will be 700 to 1000 taka. 


Chapainawabganj district town and Shibganj upazila town have several low-cost hotel arrangements. Nahid, Alhera, Swapnapuri including single or double bed will cost between 300 and 1000. Both AC and Non-AC are available.


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