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Char of Anyara Park – Chittagong
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Char of Anyara Park – Chittagong

Parki Beach - The name must be a bit unfamiliar to many. Many people may know the place. At one time the beach meant only Cox's Bazar and Patenga beach in Chittagong, but slowly this parki beach (Anwara Parkir Char) is also becoming popular. This beautiful beach is located just one to one and a half hours drive from Chittagong city. You will be welcomed by the lush greenery of Jaubon on one side and the vast waters of the azure sea on the other. And the gentle sea breeze will instantly fill your mind with joy. 

At one time the road to this beach was not very developed. But gradually, as the number of tourists has increased, the authorities have renovated the road and made it sparkling. Besides, the security system has been strengthened. Along with the beach, many shops and food stalls have been built under the shade of the beach. 

Besides, there are speed-boats for traveling in the sea, sea-bikes and horses for riding on the beach. For this, however, you have to pay a fixed hourly rate. If you walk along the northern side near Jhaubon, you will see the Bay of Bengal and the estuary of the Karnaphuli river.   

How to go: 

You can go to Chittagong Shah Amanat Setu or Third Karnaphuli Setu by bus or Tempu from anywhere in Chittagong city. Once there, you will see the bus leaving for Battali Mohsin Auliya shrine standing. But be careful not to confuse 'Battali' with the bus conductor's pronunciation of 'Bailtali'. Two but two places. To go to Parki Beach, you need to take a bus bound for Battali Mohsin Auliya Shrine. This ancient shrine is located in Anwara Upazila of Chittagong. 

Get on the bus and ask the conductor to drop you off at a place called 'Centre'. The real name of the place is Malkhan Bazar, but it is known as Center. It will cost 25-30 taka per person by bus to come this far. You will get CNG to get down to the center and go to the beach. If reserved, parky will deliver to the beach for 100-150 taka. Before going to the beach, you can buy food and other essentials from the center market or a little far away from the market adjacent to Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Housing Colony. The beach also has some shops, but not everything. And if you want to reserve CNG from Chittagong city, it will take Tk 400-500 directly to Parki Beach. 

And for any problem you can contact the Rangadia police outpost near the beach. 

Accommodation facilities:

Due to the arrival of many tourists in the last few years, motels are being built here by private initiative. Those concerned are hoping that it will be inaugurated very soon. But for now there is no accommodation here. So if you want to come to Perki beach, it is best to come in the morning. You can come back with a beautiful memory after seeing the sunset from the whole day.


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