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Botanical Garden and Eco-Park – Chittagong
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Botanical Garden and Eco-Park – Chittagong

Botanical Garden and Eco-Park (Botanical Garden and Eco-Park) is located in the evergreen forest area of the traditional Chandranath Rirjav Forest Block of Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong District. It is 35 km from Chittagong city. Located on the eastern side of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway and railway in the north.

If you proceed along the Dhaka-Chittagong highway from Chittagong city, first you will pass Pahartali and then one by one Kattali, City Toran, Kumira Barabkund, you will see the Chandranath temple on the high hill on the east side, at the foot of which is the Botanical Garden and Ecopark. 2 km from Sitakunda Upazila Sadar. On the eastern side of the highway adjacent to Fakirhat Bazar in the south, signboards with colored gates give directions to the ecopark. 

As soon as you enter the ecopark, you will see a large display map, through which you will get a complete idea of the ecopark. Chandranath temple is about 5 km from this place, you can go there by walking or by jeep, micro. Travelers who love nature and want to experience nature up close must visit Sitakunda Eco Park. 

High and low secluded mountains, various wild animals including deer, bear, monkey, rabbit and Hanuman, falconry, natural springs, evergreen trees are very attractive in the ecopark. In the evening, when the sun creates a crimson glow in the western sky, the ecopark creates a natural environment. 

On the right side inside the main gate of the Botanical Garden and Ecopark is the main nursery of the Botanical Garden and Ecopark and its office. In this nursery there are flowers, fruits and medicinal plants of various common and extinct species of the country and abroad such as - Arjun, Telsur, Chapalis, Chundul, Karai, Jarul. , tuna, jam, olives and many more. 

There is also an excellent orchid house in the botanical garden. There are about 50 types of orchids of different species of domestic and foreign. There is a watch tower inside the eco park from where you can see far. Sitakunda Eco Park is a paradise of natural beauty. This area is full of different types of trees, flowers and shrubs. This place is busy with numerous local and foreign tourists throughout the year. 

Picnic Corner:

All picnic facilities including drinking water, resthouse and toilets are available at the Botanical Garden and Ecopark. 

Sahasradhara and Suptadhara Waterfalls: There are many small and big waterfalls in this Chandranath Reserve Forest area. Among these waterfalls there are two waterfalls between the Botanical Garden and Ecopark area. The two waterfalls are known as Sahasradhara and Suptadhara. Water is continuously flowing from Sahasradhara. A small amount of water flows, but during the monsoons it circulates in its full flow. It is worth mentioning here that this Sahasradhara fountain is not Sahasradhara, the traditional and religious pilgrimage site of Sitakunda. 

How to go:

By road: From Dhaka:

BRTC buses depart from Dhaka Kamalapur Terminal. Other AC, Non-AC buses depart from Syedabad Bus Station. Comfortable and reliable services are S.Alam and Saudia, Greenline, Silk Line, Sohag, Baghdad Express, Unique Prabhuti. All buses stop at Sitakunda. The park is entered through Fakirhat, just 2 km south of Sitakunda bus stand. 

From Chittagong: 

Buses going to different districts of the country including Dhaka depart from Alankar, Ekkhan, Karnelhat bus stations. And the buses of various routes within the district leave from Motherbari, Kadmatoli bus station. If you want to come to Sitakunda from Chittagong, you have to travel by buses on the internal route of the district. Apart from that, some small cars (locally known as Mexi) leave Alankar to reach the place called Fakirhat. 

By rail:  From Dhaka:

"Dhaka Mail" is the only fast train from Dhaka that stops at Sitakunda, it leaves Dhaka at 11pm and reaches Sitakunda at 6.30am to 7am the next day. Other inter-city trains go directly to Chittagong. Stops at Sitakunda only during Shivratudashi fair. 

From Chittagong: 

4 inter city trains depart from Chittagong for Dhaka (7 am, 7.15 am, 2 pm and 11 pm). Tickets must be collected 2-3 days in advance. Some local trains also depart from Chittagong to reach Sitakunda, these are at 5 am, 8 am, 9 am, 2 pm and 7.30 pm, their schedule varies.

Sky path:

There are flights from Dhaka to Chittagong by various companies including Biman Bangladesh Airlines. It takes 50 minutes by plane to reach Chittagong from Dhaka.


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